Payroll administration requires significantly less manual resource intensive

Salita offers interpreter and translation services and has been providing these services to public and private clients for more than 25 years. Salita has a large pool of freelancers who work part- or full-time.

On average, Salita pays between 750 and 900 freelancers per month for their assignments, and it’s not necessarily the same freelancers every month. To be able to manage payments to all of these freelancers, Salita needs an effective payout tool. In the past, much of the work has been done manually. Manual work leads to more human errors, which in turn leads to additional work to fix all issues. Salita therefore needed a simpler and more automated process.

Today, Salita uses because this is a reliable and automated service. Automation reduces margins of error and manual labor, which in turn leads to savings in both time and money for the administration. The data is more accurate, which results in that the invoices and salary payments are correct most of the time. Following the transition to, Salita has received significantly fewer calls and emails regarding erroneous payments, estimated at approx. 30% decrease in such inquiries.

It has not yet been a year since Salita started to use the service from We already see that overtime work has decreased in connection with the administration of monthly salaries. This also leads to a reduction in overtime costs. ” –
Richard Engen, General Manager of Salita

We pay salaries to a large number of freelancers each month, it was therefore important that the transition process from the previous system was executed flawlellsly. When the customer has around 1,000 freelancer who are used to receiving a pay slip in PDF by e-mail every month.’s solid implementation plan was one of the reasons why Salita trusted offers competitive prices on their payroll service.

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Read how Porterbuddy managed to become more efficent whilst expanding exponentially.


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Read how Porterbuddy managed to become more efficent whilst expanding exponentially.