Easy and secure invoicing from your company

Do you own a sole proprietorship or AS?  We offer a secure and simple invoicing program without fixed costs. It supports PDF and EHF formats.

Freedom as a self-employed person

Work when it fits your schedule

It is entirely possible to be a freelancer without having your own company. If you want to avoid dealing with taxes, and rather receive a salary, it may be that Manymore Salary is the solution for you. Read more about it here.

But for some it may pay to have a sole proprietorship (ENK). If you have large expenditures or debts related to the business, it will undoubtedly pay to invoice the clients from your own company. Then you get a tax deduction for all costs related to the business. With an ENK, you are not considered an employee and you therefore don’t pay employer’s contribution (usually 14.1% of the wage cost) on money you take out of the company.

The downside with ENK is that you are not entitled to the same benefits as a person employed in a company or in your own AS. Sickness benefits, unemployment benefits and care benefits are only given to employees. This is because these schemes are largely financed by the employer’s contribution paid on employees’ salaries.

Owning your own company also involves some administration and costs related to things such as accounting, taxes and VAT.

Benefits of sole proprietorships

Easy to establish sole proprietorships (ENK) compared to limited companies (AS).

You only submit a tax return because you and the company are considered the same taxable person.

You do not need start-up capital and to submit annual accounts. Most ENK don't have to use an accountant.

You can withdraw money for your own use at any time, without it being considered a salary or dividend.

How much do I get paid?

From invoice to payment*

Use the slider (invoiced amount without VAT) to calculate how much you will be paid

0.00 kr

Amount incl. VAT

0.00 kr

VAT (25%)

0.00 kr

Amount excl. VAT

0.00 kr

Manymore fee

Arbeidsgiveravgift (14.1%)
0.00 kr

Gross income

Skatt (26%)
0.00 kr

Bank transfer

* Manymore.com fee is NOK 5 when using the EHF invoice format

Everything in one place

All invoices in one place

We want it to be easy for you to have control over your freelance life. Therefore, you can log in to your account at Manymore.com at any time and get a full overview of all the invoices you have sent.

You can send invoices to both private individuals and companies, and we ensure that the invoices meet all legal requirements. When you perform an assigment for a client, you can also include costs, such as travel reimbursement.

If you choose to receive a salary, all the payslips will also be available here.

Salary vs Company

What is the best fit for you?

It is up to you whether you want to receive a salary or invoice from your own company. The good news is that with Manymore.com it’s easy to switch between the two, so you do not lock yourself into anything.

3 key questions you should ask yourself:

  • Are pensions and sickness benefits important?

If you choose Manymore Salary, we pay employer’s National Insurance contribution. This means that you earn a public occupational pension, and you receive sickness benefits from NAV corresponding to 100% of your salary from day 17.

With sole proprietorships (ENK) you have fewer social rights. Your client doesn’t have liability for sickness benefits, but you can take out voluntary supplementary insurance. Freelancers with ENK are not entitled to a pension scheme with the client, but can take out their own pension scheme. Freelancers are entitled to unemployment benefits under certain conditions.

  • Do you incur many expenses related to your job?

If you buy equipment for the company, such as fixed assets, it can be expensed in a company, which will reduce your taxes. If this applies to you, you should consider establishing a sole proprietorship (ENK) and invoicing with Manymore.com. You can also change from ENK to AS later if your company grows.

If you have few expenses, it is easiest to receive a salary with Manymore Salary.

  • Are you ready to take on the extra administrative burden?

With Manymore Salary, you get paid after taxes, and you don’t have to think about the administrative work. We’ll take care of that. If you invoice via your own company, you are responsible for invoicing, bookkeeping and submitting a business statement, or you can hire an accountant. With your own company, you are also responsible for setting aside and paying taxes and VAT.

Pros & cons of receiving a salary vs having your own company



Employer’s National Insurance contribution

14.1% deducted from amount paid by the client


Pension (Folketrygden)



Compulsory occupational pension



Sickness benefits

100% salary from day 17 from NAV

80% salary from day 17 from NAV

Unemployment benefits (dagpenger)



Holiday pay



PDF or EHF format

0 kr

Free PDF invoice
5 kr per EHF invoice

Accounting system / accountant

0 kr

169 – 3500 kr per month*

Income statement

0 kr

from 990 kr per year

Deduct expenses and MVA




Nothing, Manymore fixes it!

Invoicing, taxes, VAT, accounting, reporting to Altinn, travel expenses, refunds etc.

Payroll service
Fee to Manymore.com
(4,9% of invoiced amount)



Get documents signed digitally
also with BankId

5 kr without BankId
15 kr with BankId

5 kr without BankId
15 kr with BankId

Frequently asked questions

You can send invoices to both companies and individuals. You choose whether you send from your own company or receive a salary through Manymore.com

We have developed a platform for freelancers and companies that use freelancers. For freelancers, it is super-easy to invoice your customers, both with and without a company. Over 5,000 freelancers use us and we want you to be part of the family as well. You can choose between two different ways to get paid for the job. You can either be paid a salary or invoice from your own company. Our ambition is to make freelancing easier and safer. In the future, we will launch several new and exciting services that will make it even easier and safer for you as a freelancer.

When you are a wage earner, you just need to deal with Manymore.com. Being a wage earner is very easy and not very stressful. This is because Manymore.com handles taxes, fees and reporting for you. You do a job as a freelancer, invoice and get paid straight to your account without having to worry about administrative work.

If you invoice from your own company, you will be paid the full amount from us (minus any costs of sending invoices through the system). With your own company, you are responsible for many administrative tasks such as accounting, reporting to Altinn, travel expenses, reimbursement, etc.


You will be paid the full amount, minus a small cost when you send invoices in EHF format. See the price list here. There are no fixed costs.

You get more money paid out to your bank account if you have your own company, but there are advantages and disadvantages to having your own company vs receiving salary from us. Read more here

Yes, you can invoice from your own company. There are no fixed costs. You pay a small fee when you send invoices in EHF format. See the price list here


Let’s get started!

It’s free to get started, and there are no fixed costs either. If you are a freelancer, we promise that you will like our intuitive invoicing program – we support PDF and EHF invoice formats.

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